Curvy Drinks and Eats: Sipping on Side Cars

I am definitely trying this today!

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I love this time of the year. All the awards shows and all the fashion, which is the perfect time to enjoy your favorite drink while you enjoy the looks and acceptance speeches.

I was introduced to the Side Car by a friend during an event that was recently held at a local bar. I wasn’t sure what was in the drink but I’m always willing to try something new. Well…I must say that I love this drink. It slightly reminds me of a really smooth margarita, but that special kiss of sugar on the rim of the glass just takes it over the top.

When I like a drink I have to learn how to make them so I can have a reason for a girls night… Drinks and Movies!!! So, the Side Car was no exception, I had to learn how to make them. They are super simple…

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